Scout Frequency Recorder

The Optoelectronics Scout Frequency Recorder is ideal for searching out and recording unknown frequencies. If you’re serious about frequency finding look no further than the Scout.

Armed with 400 memories the Scout is designed for portable operation. Take it anywhere, sporting events, the zoo, airports and more. The Scout captures and displays the strongest frequency in the nearfield that is 15dB above the background RF levels.

With a beeper and vibrator alert you will never miss what the Scout has captured. The Reaction Tune feature of the Scout, patented by Optoelectronics, allows the Scout to instantly tune a compatible receiver to the frequency it captures.


  • 10MHz-1.4GHz frequency range

  • Records and saves 400 unique frequencies

  • Records up to 255 hits on each frequency in memory

  • Records frequencies automatically and unattended

  • Patented Digital Auto Filter and Auto Capture

  • All frequencies are automatically saved and can be deleted by pressing the clear button

  • Recall Mode: View all 400 frequencies and number of hits stored in memory

  • Custom ten-digit LCD display

  • 16 segment RF signal strength bargraph

  • Distinctive beeps indicate frequency hits, and pager style

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